50 Yardline – Marple Newtown – Week 10

Posted on October 26, 2016 in Havenfootball.net.

50yrdlne    Marple Newtown L (new)

By Havenfootball.net Staff

When one reviews the game against Radnor last week you statistically see two very evenly matched teams. A pick six was the only regulation time touchdown for the Panthers while Radnor took until late in the fourth quarter to get their six points. Time of possession was almost even as was total offense but Haven had 2+ in turnovers including that one interception for a touchdown and the other fumble recovery stopped the Red Raiders as they closed in on a score. Too bad there were so few fans left to witness the final plays of the double overtime but you can see them in our Play-of-the-Game feature if you missed them.

The Panthers travel over to Newtown Square to take on the 9-1 Marple Newtown Tigers this Friday night. Both teams appear to have made the 16 team playoff roster. Haven is sitting at #13 which would force a playoff game against the third or fourth seed team (which could be the Tigers) but a win could push them up to a 9 or 10 seed which would make their opponent more of an even match.

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