Broadcast changes due to Covid restrictions

Posted on October 26, 2020 in

By Staff

During this Covid crisis it is difficult enough to try broadcasting home games at George L . King Field but becomes almost impossible to broadcast at away games.  Schools are being extremely restrictive of the total amount of people attending including players and staff.  Visiting bands are not allowed at away games.  Central League rules allows only parents of senior football players to attend away games.  Getting permission for our four broadcasters to attend an away game is just not happening.

Last week we managed to get our play-by-play person, Brian Carroll, to the game at Radnor while, Mike Mayer, stayed home to run the broadcast and, Andrew Kauffman, did the stats and helped with the half-time interview.  We linked ourselves by cell phone.

This week Haven travels to Marple Newtown. The Tigers have an outstanding video product and while we were prepared to repeat last week’s broadcast style it turns out that Jim Allsman, owner of Tiger Radio Network, made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Jim is asking our own Brian Carroll to come into the booth at Marple Newtown and do the play-by-play when Haven is on offense. David DiPasqua, Jr. is Marple’s play-by-play guy and he’ll come back on when Marple is on offense.  You can catch their video product at:

We will be picking up the audio portion of their broadcast and broadcasting it over our usual broadcast server and putting the full audio broadcast on our archives.  If you can’t watch the game you can always listen. 

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