Parity with Ridley was Steve Lennox’s greatest achievement at Interboro

Posted on January 23, 2020 in Newspaper.


Local coaching icon Steve Lennox has finally decided to throw in the towel on a long career and enjoy some semblance of retirement. This after a sterling 38 seasons as a high school varsity football head coach, the last 27 at Interboro. MEDIANEWS GROUP PHOTO

After winning 229 games, 15 Del Val League championships and legendary status as the football coach at Interboro High, Steve Lennox has retired.

His success is easily measured by the numbers. It is best measured by this: He was 12-11 in Thanksgiving games against Ridley.

After 23 tries, or roughly six full cycles of players, that parity was proven to be real. But before Lennox arrived at the Prospect Park school, Interboro had been victimized 19 consecutive times by the Green Raiders.

It was important for him to end that trend, because it was important to Interboro’s fans and alumni. He so deeply accepted that challenge that one year, and to high criticism, he declined a postseason tournament bid rather than miss the Ridley game.

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