Springfield does just enough right on ‘off’ night

Posted on October 8, 2016 in Newspaper.


Photo by Juli Kroon Protoraphy

Delco Times

By Jack McCaffery

There is no code, no plan, no process to ensure an undefeated football season. There is, though, one reality.

Along the way, the sport itself will provide its own sinister trials.

So it was Friday night for Springfield, which improved to 7-0 overall and 6-0 in the Central League with a 20-7 victory at Strath Haven, in what was a two-plus-hour presentation of traps, tricks and other football headaches.

It’s why Springfield wandered into the fourth quarter with just a 10-0 lead despite a lopsided advantage in the statistical measurables. And it’s why Cougars coach Chris Britton was aware of one challenge that somehow escaped his players. That was the last game, an overtime survival at Ridley, a signature moment in a classic setting.

“No,” said Cougars defensive back Gregory Tamaccio.

Not even the possibility?



“I was worried a lot,” Britton said, “about a letdown.”

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