Thanksgiving Day Classic! Haverford outlasts Upper Darby, 48-42

Posted on November 26, 2015 in Newspaper.

HAVERFORD >> Before Jack Donaghy could win the game with his legs, he needed his arm to deliver in a big spot Thursday against Upper Darby.

With the Central League championship at stake, and the Fords facing a fourth-and-10 in the waning moments of the fourth quarter while trailing by seven points, Donaghy’s career rested on making this one throw.

Donaghy put his trust in junior Chris Trainor, who had caught a touchdown pass earlier in the day. When the ball left Donaghy’s fingertips, it was high and appeared destined to go incomplete.

Trainor had other ideas. There was no chance he would let the ball sail over his head and out of bounds, which essentially would have ended Haverford’s chances at winning the game. The 5-8, 152-pound trainor leaped in the air and fought through solid coverage by UD’s talented defensive secondary. Trainor made the catch of his life and Haverford was on its way to scoring the game-tying touchdown.

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