The 2016 Football season begins now!

Posted on April 24, 2016 in

Strath Haven1

We know the 2015/16 school year hasn’t even ended yet but putting together a successful football program with all it involves takes many more months that the actual 10 weeks of games.

The Football Parent’s Association will hold their first 2016 season meeting on May 11th at 7:00 PM at the high school auditorium.  All parents of current team members (Varsity, Jr. Varsity and the new Freshmen parents) are requested to attend.  It takes the efforts of many, many people for a successful program so come prepared to learn about the new season and GET INVOLVED!

We will change over our web pages at the end of the school year to prepare for the new schedule and rosters.  This is a new software program for us (2nd year) so we believe the old roster and schedule will still be available but the pages will default to the 2016 information.  Game stats will be purged (except of year end stats) so if you wanted to keep some of those stats sheets please do it now. We do keep all game stats on our computers so if you ever need game stats from previous years just drop us a note and we’ll send them along.

Only 124 days until our first game!

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