The 50 Yard Line – Week 5

Posted on September 30, 2015 in


By Staff

When a professional sports team is struggling (as our Eagles appear to be) one can become jaded as well as question their desire, determination and willingness to do their best. After all, these are very talented, grown men who make more money playing their sport than most of us will ever earn. But when the struggling sports team is a high school football team it is a very different feeling. There is never any doubt that these young men are making their best effort, giving it all they have, day in and day out, for no other reason than the enjoyment of the game and the joy of participating in a favored sport.

As we adults see these young men struggle it can be difficult to watch and it tugs at our heart strings. But here at we will watch, report, broadcast, post scores, produce our Play-of-the-Game and do everything as usual no matter what the score. Because we don’t produce these pages for profitability we don’t have to worry about how many listeners we have to our broadcast or how many people look at our web pages.

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