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Another season is about to start and all of us at Havenfootball.net are, as always, looking for another glorious season of high school football. We know that we have many, many returning fans but we also know that we see many new faces every year as a whole new crop of students arrive to start their four years at Strath Haven.

This article is for those of you who are unfamiliar with our site.

We have designed this site to be a one-stop shop for anything regarding the Panther football program.  That includes articles and features of our terrific Cheerleaders and Marching Band. The pages are listed on the top of our home page.  Go ahead and click away and take a look at what we offer. Some of our pages won’t be completed until we get closer to the first game so keep checking back for updates.

We have complete game stats published the day after the game (usually) as well as links to local articles about the game. Our stats are the most complete available and include all defensive as well as offensive stats for both teams. We also include specialty team stats including punting and kicking. We offer league standings, updated each week.  Our Schedule/Results page gives you an updated schedule, game results and a map to help you find the school’s field.

Game pictures and newspaper articles are usually available sometime over the weekend as well as our very popular Play-of-the-Game video synoposis of each game  that is usually available late Sunday afternoon (perfect to share with friends and family).

We produce a LIVE audio broadcast (just like radio) of EVERY Panther game which is available on the Internet.  Anyone with a computer and Internet connection can listen at no charge.  Every game is fully archived so you, your friends, neighbors and family can tune in anytime to hear the game.  Many of our fans like to listen to our broadcast while attending the home game so we started FM broadcasting at George L. King Field.  Bring your FM radio (many smart phones have an FM radio feature) and tune to 88.0 while you’re in the stadium and you’ll be able to hear our live broadcast during the game.

After four games we will begin to show the PIAA playoff points.  This is the system of points that teams earn in order to qualify for the playoffs. It gets a little complicated but we’ll keep track of it for you.

We also try to keep up with the Jr. Varsity and Freshman teams including the occasional game photos and articles.

It takes a lot of effort for our small group to provide all this information as well as game broadcasting.  It also costs a few bucks, most of which is provided by our sponsors and advertisers.  Their names appear on the right border of our pages and in our broadcast commercials. If you are looking for services they provide please give them a call and tell them that you saw them on Havenfootball.net.

As the costs of maintaining these pages increases we are looking for additional contributions from our fans. We appreciate any contribution you can make. Please take a moment to think about how much you (and your son or daughter) refers to our pages and consider a contribution.

The regular season is 10 weeks long but we hope it lasts longer every year because that means our Panthers have gotten into the playoffs.  Win or lose, good season or not so good, we will be there to cover all the excitement, the thrills, the color and the weekly drama that is Strath Haven football!