DiIorio standing tall among Haverford’s fast linemen

Posted on September 23, 2016 in Newspaper.

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By Matt Smith

Nick DiIorio is the biggest of Haverford High’s starting defensive linemen, even if he’s as lean as a Slim Jim.

“Let me give you the physical stats,” coach Joe Gallagher said after practice Wednesday, turning the pages of Haverford’s program book. “He’s the big guy at 6-2, 205. And this is notable because of the way they’re playing.”

DiIorio is the engine. The lone returning starter on the D-line from last season’s Central League championship squad, DiIorio has made the others around him better. Rookie varsity starters Kevin Odgers (5-9, 185), Tyler Kimble (6-2, 190) and Pat Boyle (5-8, 190) have flourished along with DiIorio, the veteran of the bunch.

“We’re not overwhelming anybody with gigantic size,” Gallagher said. “But they’re solid kids in that 180-190 (pound) range. Not gigantic, but they’re very quick and they’re very strong, I’ll give them that. And that’s really the key, the quickness and the strength.”

DiIorio’s play has earned rave reviews. In his 24th season at Haverford, Gallagher called DiIorio one of the best he’s coached.

That’s high praise.

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