Panther game broadcast goes FM Radio

Posted on September 2, 2015 in

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Fans who attend the game have asked us many times how they can listen our live game broadcast while at the game.  While the broadcast is available on the Internet the steaming technology causes a 15 second delay which makes listening a bit crazy.  For the first time will be broadcasting LIVE on FM 87.9 just inside the George L. King Field.  We are using a very low (under a watt of power) transmitter tied into our regular Internet broadcast equipment.  Simply bring a small FM radio with you (some phones already have an FM receiver built in) to the game (earplugs please) and tune into FM 87.9.  We will begin broadcasting football music about 7:00 PM and then go our regular broadcast about 7:15 PM.  The technology is new to us and we are not sure of our coverage.  If you listen we would love you to drop us a note at and let us know how clear the signal was and whether you could hear us.  This is a work in progress.  This FM feature will ONLY be available at home games.

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