The 50 Yardline – Radnor – Week 4

Posted on September 10, 2019 in

By Havenstatguys

We went into last Friday night’s game wondering whether the Panthers had soundly beaten two teams and were developing into a dramatically improved team or had they just beaten two teams having a bad year.  Haven opened with two strong possessions including a 28 yard run followed by a 17 yard run and then a score.  Ridley went three and out and the Panther’s came right back with two long runs and a long pass and scored again!  Then the Ridley machine came to life and had a 15 play series which culminated in a score. We had seen this too many times before as Haven would get off to a great start only to be ground down and defeated by the end of the night.  But low and behold the Panthers came roaring right back with a 58 yard run into the end zone and then intercepted a Ridley pass and ran it back 48 yards putting the ball in the end zone. They never looked back.  It was a great night for Haven football!

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