The 50 Yardline – Interboro

Posted on August 24, 2021 in

#23 Matt Shuler takes off against Interboro in 2019

By Havenstatguys

Scrimmages are great tools for coaches and players as it helps everyone understand the strengths and weaknesses of players, formation, and techniques.  It is not much of an indicator of how well a team may do in the season as the strengths of your opponent isn’t well known and many other factors can be in play.

That being said we here at tend to evaluate a scrimmage based more or play factor than results.  The Varsity squad had no issues with snap fumbles, interceptions, poor handoffs or players jumping offsides.  Their blocking and tackling seems crisp.  Pulling guards and tackles on sweeps and end runs did a great job and running backs, with few exceptions, hit their holes, powered their legs and drove through tackles.  It was one of the better scrimmages we’ve seen in 20+ years of doing this and we are really looking forward to a good year.

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